19-20 July @ ATLANTID beach


    fundjave 19-20 korrikWeekend 19-20 July @ ATLANTID beach

    >> Video installation “Flux – launch” by Kleidi Eski
    Flux is a moving exhibition of episodic video installations, based loosely around the theme of universal movement, transformation, motion paths and organic similarities between nature and classical notions of geometry. The animated projections aim to graphically recall these similarities by merging the digital projections on the physical matter found in nature.
    Flux ep00, is the launch of this series, set on shores of Rodoni Cape, at Atlantid Beach.

    >> Surprise movie screening
    >>> Selected music
    >> Beach games & watching the stars!

    Reserve your tents online: www.tiranaekspres.com/web/atlantid/reservations

    Find or share your ride: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1499217196957291/

    Take public transport:
    If you don’t come by car, public transport with busses is available from Tirana to Shkafanë/Gjiri i Lalëzit, starting 150m further down the “Zogu i Zi” roundabout at 9:00, 11:00, 13:00 and 15:00. From the village of Manzë/Gjiri i Lalëzit there is a mini-bus starting at 12.30 to Shetaj that will also bring you until the junction to Atlantid. From there it is only a 10min walk by feet until the beach.
    You may also take a bus or furgon to Durres and drop out at Maminas. From there, taxi service is available upon prior reservation via phone or hitch-hiking is another possible and attractive opportunity for adventurers.

    Në rast se nuk e keni makinë, transporti i mundshëm bëhet me linjën e Autobusit Tiranë – Shkafanë/Gjiri i Lalëzit. Nisja çdo ditë në 9:00, 11:00, 13:00 dhe 15:00 të Zogu i Zi. Nga fshatrat Maminasi (në 12:00) dhe Manza/Gjiri i Lalëzit (në 12:30) ka edhe një furgon për në Shetaj që do t’ju sjellë deri në kryqëzimin me Atlantid. Nga atje është vetëm një shëtitje prej 10 minutash në këmbë deri në plazh.
    Nga Maminas apo Gjiri i Lalëzit ka mundësi për transport me taksi ose furgon me rezervim paraprak. Edhe mënyra Autostop është një mundësi e mirë dhe mjaft atraktive për ta prekur nga afër këtë mrekuli të natyrës.


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