with this lovely summer coming to an end we closed down our Atlantid Beach camp until 2016. We are looking forward to welcoming you back at our beautiful beach next summer. Happy hybernating everyone!


The beach camp Atlantid Beach, situated in the municipality of Ishem (only 40km from Tirana) is our current project for the development of eco-tourism.

ATLANTID is the ideal destination for all of you who are tired from the city’s pollution and noise, and seek something special for your vacation. ATLANTID is a virgin beach in one of the most beautiful areas of Albania- calmness and peace, no buildings, no concrete, crystal clear water- pure beauty and inspiration!

We offer you unique accommodation facilities in our hand-made tents and refreshments at our bar and a couple of other activities. Come and join the magic of this place! White sands, live music around the fire place, cultural and sports activities are waiting for you!

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With ATLANTID we aim to develop a model of sustainable tourism in the Municipality Ishem. We cooperate with local employees to create direct economic impact by increasing employment and creating demand for local products and services. Eventually we aim at creating an eco-friendly model for the development of reasonable rural tourism.

Our camp is based on creating a structure consisting of recycled materials, hand-made tents constructed in conformity with nature, local bio-food and various sports activities. We currently work on providing a sustainable waste-management system, electricity generated through solar panels as well as the usage of compost toilets in the future.

• Infrastructure: accommodation in hand-made camping tents (7€/1000Leke per person/night including mattrass, blanket, beach lounger and parasol), bar services and refreshments, a restaurant nearby offers fresh food from local producers, basic toilets and showers, “Treks” beach library.
• Activities: guided tours to magnificent observation points, such as the castle of Skanderbeg, Yoga courses (on request),  canoeing, cultural events.

10446506_645436955549799_8586992987905472744_nHow to reach ATLANTID BEACH?

If you come by car, the road is in good condition and it takes only a bit more than 1 hour from Tirana (and even less from Rinas airport). The street that leads you to ATLANTID beach is one of the most scenic roads of Albania. Along the way you will discover small villages with characteristic houses, amazing green hills and a breathtaking view that is truly stunning. From Tirana you take the highway in direction Durres and leave it at Maminas. Follow the street along Gjiri i Lalëzit and at its end take the turn to the right. Follow the paved road until Shetaj. Just approx. 1km after the village and a few hundred meters before arriving to Kepi i Rodonit you take the unpaved road to the left. At the junction keep an eye on the ATLANTID sign. You’ll drive through the hills down to the beach, after a few minutes you’re there.

If you don’t come by car, public transport with busses is available from Tirana to Shkafanë (Gjiri i Lalëzit), starting 150m further down the “Zogu i Zi” roundabout at 9:00, 11:00, 13:00 and 15:00.  You may also take a bus or furgon to Durres and drop out at Maminas. From Maminas and Shkafanë taxi service is available upon prior reservation. Otherwise hitch-hiking is a possible and attractive opportunity for adventurers.

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