Photographs by Arnold Pöschl & Hans Hochstöger (Austria) – Opening Saturday, 25th January, 18.00 @ Tirana Ekspres! On display until February 6th 2014!

    It were mostly young people who occupied Gezi Park in Istanbul and went to the streets to fight for their rights. They risked getting injured, beaten up, jailed, or even killed.
    Who are they?
    With their work, the artists want to give those protesters a face, and tell their story. They want to get them out of anonymity.

    !!! Don’t miss the ARTIST TALK on Friday 25th January at the Opening !!!

    About the artists:
    *Arnold Pöschl, born 1981 in Klagenfurt, Austria. Focus on Portrait Photography, working for Magazines, Agencies and publishing companies.
    *Hans Hochstöger, born 1982 in Melk, Austria. Since 2010 working as a photographer for international and Austrian magazines and corporations. Hans is based in Vienna, and does work frequently in IStanbul. He loves to photograph human beeings.
    Arnold and Hans got to know each other while studying photography in Vienna.

    View photo gallery of the opening. Photos by Arnold Pöschl & Dori Lyla:


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