PAST – private collection


    Private collection

    Saturday, 23/11/2013, 19.00 @ Tirana Ekspres

    PAST – private collection

    With art works from Heldi Pema, Fani Zguro, Arjan Rizvani and Inida Gjata

    We cannot forget the past. We will keep it inside us to remember. Time by time we go back there to feel it.

    MEMORIES OF A CLOWN – Performance

    Choreography: Arta Gashi, Fikrete Miftari

    Idea: Arta Gashi

    Arta Gashi and Fikrete Miftari present “Memories of a clown”. The performance is a combination of clown, jazz, funk, contemporary and contact dance. But, you won’t miss a battle or two and some interaction with the audience…


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