TOLERANCE – Movie Nights in February 2014


    poster faith movieIn February our movie nights are dedicated to the topics of tolerance and human rights.
    Check out the upcoming films:

    February 25th, 19.30:
    “Submission” (11min, Theo van Gogh)
    & “Paradise: Faith” (Ulrich Seidl)


    Submission is a 2004 English short film directed by Theo van Gogh and written by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. The film’s title is a direct translation of the Arabic word “Islam”. As a result of the film, van Gogh was assassinated by a Muslim fundamentalist. The film tells the story of four fictional characters played by a single actress wearing a veil, but clad in a see-through chador, her naked body painted with verses from the Koran. The characters are Muslim women who have been abused in various ways. The film contains monologues of these women and dramatically highlights three verses of the Koran that give authority to men over women, by showing them painted on women’s bodies.

    Paradies: Faith

    Anna Maria  is a middle-aged Austrian woman, living alone in Vienna.
    But she doesn’t feel alone; she loves Jesus. Her faith is something to be comitted fully, with no compromising. She decides to spend her vacation time walking through different neighborhoods in a quest to re-convert all of Austria to Catholicism… When her husband, an Egyptian Muslim confined to a wheelchair, comes home after years of absence, her life is turned upside down.


    February 4th, 19.30: 3 Short films by 3 young Albanian directors:

    February 11th, 19.30:
    “PARADA” (Fiction, by Srdjan Dragojevic, Serbia 2011)

    February 18th, 19.30:
    “HAROLD & MAUDE” (Black comedy by Hal Ashby, 1971, 91min)


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