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Kristian Zara
Oil on canvas, 28 x 36 cm


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About the Author

Ilda Pupa is graduated from the University of Tirana, in the Language and Literature department. She was born in Korce and has moved to Tirana in 2003. Currently, she lives between Korca, Tirana and the south of Albania. Working as a "freelance" artist, allows her to move from time to time to places where she find inspiration to work.
"In everyday life, the painting comes to me as a need for meditation to get away from the weight of thoughts that roar. I see it as a naive game, as a world of fairy tales, where I play with images and colours to satisfy the child inside me.
There is an expression that inspires me endlessly, by Milan Kundere who says: "When people escape to the kingdom of fairy tales, they happen to be filled with nobility, compassion, poetry. In the realm of everyday life, they are unfortunately occupied by attention, distrust, and doubts.”

Ilda Pupa