These curators have helped Tirana Ekspres to develop ways in which artworks and archives can be interpreted, through exhibitions, publications, events and audio-visual presentations.

   Shpend Bengu

Born on May 12th, 1962, Tirana – ALBANIA.
With an experience of over 20 years in University Master level, in institutions in and out of the country. With a rich professional experience in the fields of Art, Multimedia and Cultural Heritage in and out of the country. Winner of “Painting Prize” in Contemporary Art Biennale of Austria in 2006; winner of “Best Experimental Film” prize in Tirana Film Festival 2008 and many other national and international prizes.

Expert, curator and collaborator in the fields of Printmaking, Graphic Novels, Comics, Graphic Design, Multimedia, Digitalization, New Media, Cultural Heritage and Cultural Diversity in many institutions, universities, national and international organizations as: UNICAL, UNESCO, UNDP, OBSH, Ministries of Culture of Albania, Italy and Slovenia etc.

He is the only representative of Comics Makers in Albania till the beginning of the XXI century. In 1997, he introduced the comics for the first time in the university curricula. In 2014, as a director of Albanian ICH at the Ministry of Culture of Albania, he organized and directed the First Edition of Albanian Graphic Novels. In 2004, he organized and directed the First Edition of Calabria Cartoon in Italy.

Tirana Ekpres under the care and treatment of the artist Shpend Bengu, on the occasion of Tirana – 100 years as the capital city, brought to the citizens one of the most wonderful exhibitions of the city.
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