Tirana Ekspres would not exist but for the invaluable contribution and support of these great people.

Delina Ibrahimaj


Mrs. Delina Ibrahimaj graduated in International Economics at the Bocconi University of Milan, where she later successfully completed the Master of Science in Management.

In 2015 she defended his PhD in Banking and Finance Management at the University of Rome, Tor Vergata.

Mrs. Ibrahimi has been a co-founding member of the Tirana Ekspres association. She is engaged in all business plans of projects that the organization has developed. She has also contributed as an advisor on economic issues.

 Mrs. Ibrahimaj enjoys an in-depth expertise in economic analysis and statistics, built during the work experiences of the Bank of Albania between 2010-2015, in the Prime Minister as Coordinator for the creation of an integrated system of government information and operational statistics, during the period 2015-2016 .

Mrs. Ibrahimaj has successful knowledge and experience in project management, interaction with donors and other institutional actors in the field, as well as outstanding skills in organizing and financial reporting, thanks to her experience in private sector management.

Mrs. Ibrahimaj has contributed as an author or co-author in important publications and studies in the fields of economics and finance.

Elvis Plaku


He is an entrepreneur and consultant with corporate and private experience. He currently co-manages a private business and serves as a consultant and trainer for several well-known businesses / organizations in the country.

Elvis Plaku has worked as a web designer at Tirana Ekspres, and also as a training expert.

His expertise comes from the combination of a series of experiences both in the corporate and private world in Albania and abroad. His inclinations and desire to explore new directions have confronted him with experiences in various fields such as: marketing, psychology, communication, human resources, technology, etc. In 2011, he completed his Master's degree in Business Administration from Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA.

Andri Ibrahimaj


In 2010 Andri Ibrahimaj was a Member of the Board and Executive Director of TIRANA EKSPRES (Albania).

Andri developed and managed all the financial and operational activities of the organization has also created and managed various programs and projects. He is also an activist in the field of environment and has launched various projects related to environmental protection.

Andri studied law at the University of Bologna.

Has 18 years of experience as a project manager. Andri has combined the acumen in business with his passion forphilanthropy to create successful societies in venture. His love for the arts made him a co-founder of Tirana Ekspres.


Elsi is a design consultant in management and a fundraiser. Elsi has 15 years of experience in projects in Latin, American, Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Africa, in various fields such as development tracks, environment, human rights, social entrepreneurship, culture, etc. He loves walking and nature, and dreams of a day when rural Tirana communities can thrive. Elsi lives between his hometown Tirana and Amsterdam.

Elsi's responsibility will be to manage Tirana Roads, as well as to seek funding for its implementation.

 Elsi has provided for Tirana Ekspres from his experience in trail development, project management and fundraising.

               Rea Leka

As an enthusiastic and creative individual with excellent organizational and communication skills, Rea enjoys working and investing her knowledge and positive energy in a pleasant dynamic work environment, such as Tirana Ekspres.
She has completed her studies in Business Informatics and has been trained in various fields of cultural management at home and abroad.
The knowledge gained over the years in this organization has shaped her ability to learn and adapt quickly, think creatively and work effectively individually and as part of a team. Tirana Ekspres helped her improve personally and professionally through various participation in projects.
Since 2017 Rea has contributed in Tirana Ekspres as an event organizer and project coordinator to now being the Executive Director of the organization.

            RUBIN BEQO

Rubin Beqo was born in Tirana in 1985.

He has been involved with youth NGOs since a very young age and has been active as a social and cultural activist for the past 15 years. He studied Humanities at the Anglo American University in Prague and since returning to Albania in 2009 he has been very active as a cultural promoter.

Rubin has been managing several artist-directed spaces and has organized numerous exhibitions, concerts and artistic events. He was a member of the board of Tirana Ekspres.