Since our focus is informal Education through Culture, Environment and Tourism our concept of collaboration involves a wide range of perceptions that include these three topics on which we can get in deeper connections with other organization in the same fields. Sharing experiences and working on the same causes is one of the most important objectives to accomplish projects of value for our intended audiences. In some cases, these collaborations result in onetime events, while in others the merger of efforts and scope even becomes a long-term relationship furthering both sides.

During 10 years of experience we dealt with a variety of collaborative activities and affairs that have benefitted, in a diversity of fields, persons of all ages, ranging from youngsters, to students, to business people, artists, researchers and seniors.

Some of our collaborators through years are:

  • OSCE; 
  • ADC – Austrian Development Cooperation;
  • IDC – Italian Development Cooperation;
  • Tirana Art Lab;
  • The French Alliance;
  • Partners Albania;
  • Marubi Film Academy; 
  • Tandem Western Balkans;
  • Art Lab ( BIH );
  • AMSHC ( Civil Society Support Agency );
  • APR ( Agency of Park and Recreation );
  • Creative Europe;
  • European Union

Anyone else wanting to join us in new initiatives of this topics, can contact and provide us with written proposals for evaluation, via email at: [email protected]