Tirana Ekspres is a non-profit organization initiated by artists, activists, environmentalists, policymakers, social-business undertakers and researchers whose purpose is to enhance the cultural & artistic perception and expression in Tirana and even beyond  . Our goal is to work in strong partnership with the community as we pursue the good work of leveraging the potential of art by creating and organizing inspiring events, network of activists and long-term projects. The alternative culture scene we present, offers the freedom of expression to the community who surpasses the discriminatory barriers as gender,religious,political orientation or economic/social  levels  leading to a more empowered  synergistic society. We intend as well to contribute to a sustainable development of environment through the promotion of clean-up actions & eco-tourism. TE endows with non-formal and informal education tools to achieve its goals and organize its activities related to culture,environment, Eco-tourism and social business.

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Rr. Ded Gjo Luli, Pall.1, Shk.1, Tirana, 1001, Albania

Email to: [email protected]

Download a short presentation here: Tirana Ekspres_power point

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