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Me’Ndje Hapur

“Me'Ndje Hapur” is the title of the project, which accompanied us throughout the month of September. This project aimed to educate the general public and address social issues through art. The project aimed to encourage and engage in raising the discussion on social issues such as: sexuality, gender inequality, mental health and corruption.

The project offered an opportunity to experiment for artists in different disciplines, in creating works as well as bringing them to a final exhibition.
This project had several preliminary meetings, where the artists had the opportunity to hold discussions about the issues to be held.

September 1 was the opening date of the exhibition, which was held in the gallery. The exhibition encouraged reflection and debate on important social topics around us. Gender inequality, corruption, mental health and sexuality were examined through art.
The works realized by Erald Nezaj, Kristanja Çene, Albi Yzo, Besa Mustafa, Samela Balazi and Kristian Zara showed interest among the visitors.

On April 4, a meeting was held, which brought together artists and people from different fields to discuss the topic "Sexuality and Gender Inequality".

On September 6, there was also a very interesting topic entitled "Corruption".
In this meeting, talks were held, opinions and suggestions were shared, which helped to develop a qualitative and fruitful discussion for everyone present and not only.

"Mental Health" the fourth topic, which gathered a group of people, who shared thoughts and gave different opinions. The artists participating in this project discussed their creations and mine in question.

The final exhibition of this project was held on September 13. In this exhibition there was a participation of people from different fields of art.

This project was realized by Tirana Ekspres and supported by the Swiss Cultural Fund, a project of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), implemented by the Center for Business, Technology and Leadership (CBTL).

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Vjosa n’Fest Second Edition

The Vjosa n'Fest festival was held on April 28, 29 and 30, 2023 in the city of Përmet from 9:00 a.m. until the early hours of the morning where hundreds of visitors who had traveled from various cities of Albania and other countries participated.
An all-encompassing festival with diverse activities such as music concerts with popular bands and DJs, sports activities and craft fairs.
Promotion of local businesses had a special focus, therefore a database was created for each category included in the festival such as Rafting, Hiking, Trekking etc. of the city. A database was also created with all accommodation structures located in the city and surrounding villages.
The declaration of the Vjosa River as a "National Park" has made the protection of the environment a priority. Consequently, tourism has become a unifying goal, with the potential to position the area as a competitive tourist destination, with value in the national, regional and global market.

The main activities that were held during the Festival are:
- Folk music concerts, live, DJ.

- Craft and culinary fair.

- Children's area with popular games, balloon making and many other fun activities.

- Outdoor sports and activities such as rafting on the Vjosa river,

- Daily guide, cultural trekking in the 18th century church of Leusa, hiking in the Thermal Waters of Benja, hiking in the Bredhi i Hotova national park.

- HotAir Baloons, the big gas balloon, was positioned in the city center and gave the attendees the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the city of Përmet, during the controlled take-off and landing.

- Horse riding for horse enthusiasts.

- Mountain Bike Fest.

 For more information visit the website of Vjosa n'Fest .

Articles The Balkanista

Academy of Film & Multimedia Marubi


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Unknown Collective

The "Unknown Collective" exhibition by Kristian Zara opened its doors to the public on the 23rd of December. These works are part of the series with the same title, realized from the end of 2020 to the beginning of 2022. The style of the works is expressionism, but with minimalist execution (without many details).

The subject or topic addressed is related to the phenomena of the psychic world and especially in clear connection with memory; with that part of the memory deposited within our being but not very clear. These parts are the ones that, rarely, appear more like a flash in our mind than a pure memory of the past. If we gather them together, they create a collective in themselves for which we have no identity or definition. However, they create their own forms and influence our concepts about the outside world. Perhaps, they are also parts of dreams, perhaps figures that we have seen but that we have not observed for a long time. Maybe!

“There are many things and happenings that remain within our psychic realm. They fill in our inner reservoir of tremendous forces. All are transformed into an intangible matter that moves within the self. Entwined with senses and feelings, touched by thoughts and dreams, they create waves that synchronize light and shadow. Both sides form a unity, a singularity, by manifesting that active invisible life.  

Into the mind's energy, to my perception, all these seem to come from unknown collective beings.”


The artist's approach

In my artistic studies, for about 6 years, C. G. Jung's works on psychoanalysis and archetypes have had a strong influence. It is one of the areas that attracts me a lot and has already become a source of inspiration for my artwork. However, the expressionist style prevails in my personal style, while conceptualism is more and more integrated into my works. The subject I have long dealt with is the man or man between the two sides, the inner and invisible and the physical outer. For me, everything in the outer world starts from our inner world where the vital forces of our daily activity are also found.

Important for me to give directions about my artistic work, and not to explain what I want to say or have thought, and why. I think that the best I can do through the exhibiting of my works is to encourage the observer to start a process of reflection or meditation about the phenomena that are fabricated before him through visual reason. Everyone is free to find their own experience within what they see and is welcome to convey it with complete freedom.

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Tradite ne Gur
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Tradition in Stone

On December 11 at TE’Galeria at 17:00, was held the mosaic exhibition “Tradition in Stone” by Erieta Gajtani. The mosaic artist, Erieta Gajtani, exhibited to the visitors about 20 works of art with stones collected by herself.

Her inspiration comes from folklore and traditional motifs, from her memories of the old city of  Tirana, nature and the beauty of everyday life. She also expresses through her works, a concern about the lost identity of the city and invites us to reflect on what modernity is offering to tradition.

From this exhibition, visitors had the chance to understand the artist’s point of view and the fascinating mosaic technique.



The exhibition remained open to the public until December 17, 2022. It was visited by many art lovers.


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Poster Sting in The target
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Sting in the Target

"Sting in the Target" is the title of the exhibition that opened on Friday, November 18, TE'Galeria, 7:00 p.m. The catalogue was presented as well as about 30 works in different techniques such as pencil, watercolour, acrylic or digital print. The public participating in the opening of this exhibition got to know the caricature art of Endri Beqo.

The world is presented through the art of caricature from the eyes of the artist Endri Beqo. Social topics and changes that have occurred in this decade. War, pollution, global warming, the Covid-19 virus, the economic crisis and the changes brought by technological innovations in people's lives are some of the themes that the artist has addressed in his work. After 10 years, he summarized these works in a catalogue, which is now available in bookstores in Tirana. Portraits, characters and phenomena of an Albanian and world social reality presented with doses of irony and humour in order to make you reflect.

The "Sting in the Target" exhibition remained open for art lovers until the 27th of November 2022 at the premises of TE'Galeria.

About the author
Endrit Beqo was born in Tirana and graduated from the University of Arts in Tirana in sculpture and graphics from 2010-2015. He has participated in many different activities in the Art category of caricature in portraits and collaborations in many different events as well as from the Municipality of Tirana.  He participated in the "Info Network" where he received the second prize in the theme of EU cartoons. He has also received international awards at various Festivals such as the Strip and Cartoon Biennial at the HAMAM Gallery in Prizren, Pristina Macedonia. Also at the exhibition (The Flame of January) in Gjilan.

The cartoon entered the map of Albania for the first time in 2020 when the Biennale Competition was organized by Niko Nikolla, in the city of Pogradec, where the artist was also a participant. And the last one was in Ferizaj at the festival of the Cartoon Association-HITHI when it was awarded the prize (for high artistic values). He has participated in collective exhibitions in the districts of Albania in groups, he has made three personal exhibitions with Social Caricatures about The earthquake and the last one about Covid (Gat Gallery). He has also illustrated articles, published children's books, worked in online newspapers and publications with different articles in social cartoons, as well as stage scenography of the Skampa theatre and composed posters in cartoons. His illustration is also a comic book that he has published and a book with the theme of emigration where he participated in the Graphic Novels from the Ministry of Culture.

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Artizanes is a social business which aims to promote young artisans in Albania. Created in November 2021, Artizanes counts today about 60 Artisans who promote their creations in the space of our physical store located in the New Bazar. Artizanes aims to expand the range of handmade products as well as promote the sale of products produced by young artisans.

A variety of products like accessories, self-care products, and décor with materials such as clay, macrame, wire, stones, crystals, wood,  resin and other forms of expression can be found at ARTIZANES.

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Buy a painting for an education

 On September the 8th, TE'Galeria opened a solidarity exhibition. "Buy a painting, for an education" came to aid to some  children in the city of Elbasan. This exhibition was open for three days and many individuals and institutions expressed their solidarity for the cause.

The two-day painting workshop was conducted for children aged 7-13 and it was finalized with an exhibition. The income collected from this exhibition went as an aid to the purchase of school supplies and clothes for some children in the city of Elbasan. The list of needs was previously sent by the Organization A2A Albania and was made public on our website and Socal Media. 

This project was conceived by Ana Qirjazi and her family and brought to life by Tirana Ekspres, TE'Galeria in collaboration with the Association A2A Albania in Elbasan. Click the link to follow RTSH's chronicle dedicated to the project.

Thanks to the contributions collected by individuals, a company, and the embassy of Greece, Slovenia, and Turkish generosity we managed to secure school items for 50 children. 

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poster film
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Kino Screening  Te’Galeria

Kino Screening  Te’Galeria

     Mbrëmjen e 18 Shkurtit, në hapsirën Te’ Galeria nisëm ciklin e mbrëmjeve kushtuar filmit, Kino Screening.

     E hapëm siparin me dy filma dokumentarë të shkurtër portet, të dy regjizorëve të rinj që aktualisht vazhdojnë studimet master në Universitetin e Arteve. Dy filma tepër intim dhe të sinqertë për dy njerëz me një botë të madhe.  “Harmoni” titullohej filmi i Klaudia Pashnjarit. Një lidhje e ngushtë midis njeriut dhe natyrës. Domethënia e ekszistencës. Dhurata e të jeturit në nënën natyrë. Harmonia shpirtërore, fizike dhe mendore nëpërmjet syve të një njeriu që vendosi t’i  jepet plotësisht natyrës.

    Dhe filmi i dytë që u shfaq për publikun titullohej “Dritarja Blu e Gurit”. Jetesa e një ëndërrimtari të moshuar i cili përballet me mungesat e tij, pa u dorëzuar.

Bio e shkurtër e artistëve

     Klaudia Pashnjari  ka lindur në Shqipëri, është rritur dhe ka studiuar në Korfuz të Greqisë. Është diplomuar në Universitetin e Arteve, Tiranë për regji filmi dhe televizion. Ajo ka marrë pjesë në disa festivale filmi dhe ka realizuar tre dokumentarë dhe një film të shkurtër.

     Mauro Zaçe ka lindur në Tiranë,Shqipëri. Ka mbaruar Liceun Artistik “Jordan Misja”, në degën Pikturë dhe Fotografi. Aktualisht vazhdon studimet Master në Universitetin e Arteve, Tiranë, për Regji Filmi dhe Televizioni. Ka marrë pjesë në disa festivale filmi dhe numëron tre filma dokumentarë artistikë dhe një film të shkurtër. Gjithashtu, ai ka marrë pjesë në ekspozita të ndryshme kolektive rreth fotografisë dhe pikturës.


Artists short bio  

    Klaudia Pashnjari  Albanian born, studied and raised in Corfu, Greece. She graduated in University of Arts of Albania  for Film directing and Television. She has participated in several  film festivals and has made three documentaries and one short film.


    Synopsys -  A deep bond between man and nature. The meaning of existence. The gift of living on mother earth. The spiritual , physical and mental harmony through the eyes of the person who decided to completely give himself to nature.

    Mauro Zaçe was born in Tirana, Albania. He finished "Jordan Misja" Art High School, for 'Painting and Photography'. He is currently continuing his Master studies at the "University of Arts", Tiranë, for Film Directing and Television. He has participated in several film festivals and counts three feature documentaries and one short film. Also, he has participated in different collective exhibitions about photography and painting.

“Guri’s Blue Window”

Synopsys- The subsistence of an elderly dreamer, who faces his absences, without relinquishing.

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Natura lux et anima
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Natura lux et anima…

Tirana Ekspres prezantoi  Te’ Galeria ekspozitën e Felix Bilanit të titulluar “Natura lux et anima...”. Një ekspozitë me 46 fotografi  të tetë viteve të fundit të karrierës së artistit ku paraqitet një pjesë e natyrës Shqiptare. Ai sjell nëpërmjet aparatit të tij shpendët si flamingo e pelikani kaçurel, sjell  momente të  para në një mënyrë tjetër ku baza është detaji dhe finesa , një dritë që nxjerr në pah edhe kohën ku jetojme sot.

Ҫelja u bë më datë 27 Janar 2022 me pjesëmarrjen e mediave dhe artdashësve të shumtë. Ekspozita do të qëndrojë e hapur për publikun deri në datë 5 Shkurt, nga e Hëna në të Shtunë.

Felix Bilani

1994 – 2014 Fotoreporter në: Agjensia Telegrafike Shqiptare (ATSH), Gazeta “Koha Jonë”, Gazeta “Albania”, Gazeta “55”, Gazeta “Shqiptare”, Gazeta “Dita”, Gazeta “Shekulli”, Agjensia “ALNA”, Revista “Spektë”, Gazeta “Panorama”, Revista “VIP”, Revista “Psikologji”, Jeta Media Company (Revista “Jeta”, “Mat”, “National Geographic Junior” Media Online “” dhe “”.

Botime dhe ekspozita  Mars 2010: Ekspozitë vetiake me temeë “Nudo” ,Prill 2015: Ekspozitë vetiake me temë “Natyrë dhe Makro”, Tetor 2015: Ilustrim i botimit me poezi “L’origine” i shkrimtares Rita Petro botuar në Francë, me perzgjedhje nga shtepia botuese Franceze. Nëntor 2015: botim për fëmijë “Legjendat Shqiptare”,

Në vitin 2014 ndërmjet shumë fotografeve nga Shqiperia dhe nga Europa zgjidhet fotografia e Felix Bilanit si  kopertinë e albumit të ardhjes se Papa Franceskut ne Shqipëri. Në  vitin 2017 zgjidhen fotot dhe kopertina librit Lugina e Presheves, pjesë e unit kombëtar të publicistit Dashnim Hebibi. 17 Tetor 1999 merr çmim nga UNDP me motivacionin “Best article dealing with poverty issue in Albania".

Check our more works by Felix Bilani in our Store

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Pencils do speak poster
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‘Pencils do Speak’

‘Pencils do Speak’ is an exhibition by Kristina Stefani under the care of curator Andri Ibrahimaj. Pencils and colors have been the right starting point for artists in the worldwide works of art. A complex of sketches, variety of colors and highlights are what are personalized in this exhibition. Between the game and the sport that the artist determines the cooling, visit us at the opening of the exhibition on 18.01 at 18:00 in the TE’GALERIA Tirana Ekspres’ space.

The exhibition will be open to visitors every day from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 18:30, until 28th January 2021.

Address: Hoxha Tahsim St., Ish Shtepia e Miqve, Tirane

Contact no.: +355 69 532 9400

Email: [email protected]

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