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“Form in Space – Weariness”

Title: “Form in Space – Weariness”
Dimensions: 50.8 x 70 cm
Year: 1994
Technique: Oil Painting on Canvas
Artist: Steve Hanson

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About the Author

Steve Hanson, born 1954, is a self-described Abstract Realist oil painter. In the Late 70’s Steve attended the University of Minnesota where he studied under notable members of the Abstract Expressionist movement including Herman Somberg, ‘Hank’ Rowan, Lynn Gray, Peter Bussa and Victor Cagliote. During his time at the U, Steve worked as a studio assistant for the multi-disciplined artist George Morrison, who encouraged the painter’s early figurative works.

With a substantial oeuvre extending over 30 years, Steve’s oil paintings are enlivening and intensely anatomical. Drawing subjects “mostly from imagination, but in a realist, painterly style,” Steve explores the emotive experience of the muse through a ballet of assertive iterations. His use of color is efficient, surprising, and subtle. His attention to detail is superb; noted in distinct, well placed brush strokes that render the subjects forth front and deeply perceivable. A true master of his craft, Steve’s work is consistent and revealing.

In 2019, after losing sight in his left eye to Glaucoma, Steve stopped painting. Now, approaching 67 years old, Hanson, a lover of classical music and great movies, lives and continues to draw in the United States.

Steve Hanson