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The Collective Memory

We do not even have a grave of hers, we do not even have bones of hers, we don't have anything except for this photograph…
                                                                                                                                                                  Pjeter Mashi

     The Collective Memory Project - Creative Laboratory was finalized with the Te'Galeria exhibition opened on July 18, 2022, where 42 photographs from the archive of almost 2,000 photographs were presented to the public. This project aimed to collect and create a photographic archive in different villages of Albania from north to south. A trip through the countryside was conceived as a creative laboratory with a caravan. Albania has a rich cultural heritage and even its most remote villages have an amazing story to tell. Our mission is to reclaim the collective memory of culture, through photography, and introduce both tourists and locals to these hidden treasures of this country.

Promoting the strengthening of individual and collective memories through the recognition of tradition and culture aims to enrich the cultural archive with individual stories conveyed through photography in north-south Albania. Special moments documented through photography over the years such as joys, parties, guests, soldiers, doctors, important events, etc. Every fragment lived and documented in black and white. Creating a digital photographic archive of our shared memory. During the journey, the mobile laboratory managed to create an archive of about 2,000 photographs in all the territories it crossed. These photos were scanned inside the laboratory and saved to be processed and placed in the function of the exhibition with the same title.     

Just like today and years ago, special moments that have left a mark on the lives of many people were documented. Albanian families have fanatically preserved their family archives, where apart from being previously unseen realities, they convey the historical and cultural values of our country. In addition, during this journey, through family members, a corresponding story was generated for the preserved photographs, which added value to the research of our creative laboratory.

Tirana Ekspres retains full copyright.

Te’ Galeria, Tiranë

A project by Tirana Ekspres
Suported by Ministria e Kulturës

Implemented in the terrain
Rexhina Marku & Danjel Kuçaj

Resina Meçani

Photo editing and design
Inda Sela

The Collective Memory Exhibition
The Collective Memory Exhibition
The Collective Memory Exhibition
The Collective Memory Exhibition

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About the Author

Tirana Ekspres