Tirana art of three quarantines

Posted in Culture, Painting on 13 August 2020 by Tirana Ekspres 

Tirana Ekpres under the care and treatment of the artist Shpend Bengu, on the occasion of Tirana – 100 years as the capital city, brought to the citizens one of the most wonderful exhibitions of the city with 100 works by 100 Albanian artists. Shpend Bengu, Albanian artist, born on May 12, 1962 in Tirana, graduated in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana. Active collaborator at the University of Calabria as well as in other public institutions of the Calabria region as an expert in graphic design, painting, multimedia techniques. He is the Ambassador of the values of Albanian culture through the activities of various artists, such as the exhibition “Tirana of Art of three quarantines”.

The exhibition “Tirana of the Art of three quarantines” comes to Tirana with works realized over a century by the most renowned artists such as Buza, Zajmi, Kaceli, Prizren, etc., reflecting the capital, from 1935 until today. This exhibition with motifs from the former Tirana intertwined with the contemporary ones and which brings us closer to the old Tirana, is an initiative unsupported by the competent institutions, but it is an example for anyone who wants to create independent art.

The exhibition has been open for 3 days from July 23 in the premises of Tirana Ekspres on the street “Jani Vreto”, in the yard of apartment number 6 where welcomed dozens of visitors art, intellectuals and tourists from around the world.


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