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“Go and don’t look back”

The exhibition called "Go and don't look back" was opened on Wednesday, May 24, TE'Galeria. This exhibition was developed by students of the Artistic Lyceum "Jordan Misja", led by their teacher. Students' creations gave color to this exhibition. The exhibition was open until June 11 from 10:00 - 13:00 and 17:00 - 19:00.

This exhibition had a great curiosity from people, since it is also an exhibition which had creations by students of the Artistic High School, i.e. young artists in this field.

Jo Vetem Mode nga Orinda Huta

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Culture, Drawings, Exhibition, Painting, Projects

Unknown Collective

The "Unknown Collective" exhibition by Kristian Zara opened its doors to the public on the 23rd of December. These works are part of the series with the same title, realized from the end of 2020 to the beginning of 2022. The style of the works is expressionism, but with minimalist execution (without many details).

The subject or topic addressed is related to the phenomena of the psychic world and especially in clear connection with memory; with that part of the memory deposited within our being but not very clear. These parts are the ones that, rarely, appear more like a flash in our mind than a pure memory of the past. If we gather them together, they create a collective in themselves for which we have no identity or definition. However, they create their own forms and influence our concepts about the outside world. Perhaps, they are also parts of dreams, perhaps figures that we have seen but that we have not observed for a long time. Maybe!

“There are many things and happenings that remain within our psychic realm. They fill in our inner reservoir of tremendous forces. All are transformed into an intangible matter that moves within the self. Entwined with senses and feelings, touched by thoughts and dreams, they create waves that synchronize light and shadow. Both sides form a unity, a singularity, by manifesting that active invisible life.  

Into the mind's energy, to my perception, all these seem to come from unknown collective beings.”


The artist's approach

In my artistic studies, for about 6 years, C. G. Jung's works on psychoanalysis and archetypes have had a strong influence. It is one of the areas that attracts me a lot and has already become a source of inspiration for my artwork. However, the expressionist style prevails in my personal style, while conceptualism is more and more integrated into my works. The subject I have long dealt with is the man or man between the two sides, the inner and invisible and the physical outer. For me, everything in the outer world starts from our inner world where the vital forces of our daily activity are also found.

Important for me to give directions about my artistic work, and not to explain what I want to say or have thought, and why. I think that the best I can do through the exhibiting of my works is to encourage the observer to start a process of reflection or meditation about the phenomena that are fabricated before him through visual reason. Everyone is free to find their own experience within what they see and is welcome to convey it with complete freedom.

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