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THE WANDERING CITY LAB – A WORKSHOP on Artistic Intervention Practices in Public Spaces | April 24-26, 2015 Organized by Tirana Ekspres in cooperation with Mobile Albania (Germany) Through WANDERING CITY LAB, Tirana Ekspres and Mobile Albania are creating a platform which offers citizens and artists to artistically revoke public spaces in Tirana. All Albanian artists from different disciplines, activists and citizens, are welcome to discover together ways of urban and trans-local appropriation. For this purpose, Tirana Ekspres has invited “Mobile Albania” which comes after an extensive experience with “post-theater-state” around Europe, approaching current issues such as: opportunities for the creation of common public spaces in an era of technological flourishing, speed and movement. They always develop specific theatrical sites and city-wide projects which include residential groups, individuals and local themes. This workshop will represent a practical forum where all participants are invited to share their input. The latter assists in empowering group work and creating a rich network, as well as stimulating the identification and clustering of topics along with artistic interventions. By testing different forms, we will start the “migratory movement” through the city. Together, we will explore between attitudes and beliefs; explore residential areas and suburbs, centers and green areas. The zigzag built through geometric urban figures will give the opportunity to meet local and casual residents.

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