21 contemporary pasts [21 contemporary pasts]

    Photo exhibition by Arba Bekteshi
    19-21 September  2014
    Ex-museum of natural sciences (ish-Muezu i Shkencave të Natyrës),  Rruga e Kavajës

    The artist during her anthropologic work and observations in Tirana, has engaged with development efforts, creation of topoi and the role of art in re-appropriating, regenerating and reviving public spaces, while challengeing dominating discourses of urbanization and present possible ways for resistance.
    She takes to examine aspects of the continuing migration to Tirana, and the aesthetic imported and created as a way to communication in the 21-shi neighbourhood. The outside looks of older buildings and those of newer villas, as ways for residents to communicate with each other. The looks of older buildings and their windows translate as efforts of people to either accept development changes in Tirana, or refuse the presence of the new. The doors of new villas transpose in and engage the city and the viewer in a discourse about an aesthetic reminiscent of a certain familiarity migrating from the village, – a marginal ‘new rural’.

    Tirana Ekspres and the artist collaborate on an urgency to form pro-active, open spaces for cultural engagement, while contextualizing an edifying city space. Both parties endeavor to engage the viewers with their community and make room for participation in art practices informed by social change.

    Practical note:

    +++ Due to safety reasons we recommend a visit by daylight. Please, whenever you enter the area/building: Mind your step and wear comfy shoes! Attandance at your own risk! +++

    The exhibition will open on Friday 17.00pm. Snacks & wine will be waiting.
    As it is more or less a public space, you can visit the exhibition during the weekend at any time!


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