5 djelmoshat

Posted in Culture, Theater on 27 February 2017 by Tirana Ekspres 

“5 Djelmoshat” is the newest play which is being shown to the public of the capital city at the National Theater. This is the work of Slovenian author Simona Semiovic, part of the drama fair “My name is Balkan”, organized by artist Ema Andrea, previous September. The play is directed by Helidon Fino and starring well-known actors: Neritan Licaj, Gentian Hazizi, Dritan Borici, Laert Vasili and Genti Decka. Its main focus is the world of children, the way they perceive society and human relationships, behavior from the perspective of adults. The philosophy and psychology that the work contains is as difficult as it is delicate, since children represent the family and the family is the main cell of the nation itself. This theme is also addressed by the French existentialist philosopher Jean Paul Sarter in his work “Words”, a work with autobiographical notes, in which Sartre sees only children. Written at the age of 59, this book is a retrospective of his first 10 years. This book tells a lot about the great philosopher. The satirical comedy “5 boys” is reflective and necessary for society because it gives a strong lesson about what “should” and what “should not”. One of the main actresses Neritan Licaj (in the role of Krostofor) says: “This is one of my most difficult roles because it is difficult to go back to the age of 11, to his sincerity, mentality and innocence. The other difficulty lies in bringing the figure of the mother and beyond that the character who suffers from bullying, is not accepted in society and does everything to feel part of it. “Christopher kills himself at the age of 23 because he will live, but he cannot live.” The actors are on stage all the time and they have to play some roles, the show does not follow only a linear line, but it is very dynamic and lively. It is a mirror in which everyone finds themselves, given that the author is Balkan and the line of thought of the Balkan people is almost the same. “Homophobia, not being accepted in society, the parent-child relationship, the relationship between spouses and many others are best shown in.”


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