Posted in Culture, Movie on 13 August 2020 by Tirana Ekspres 

Tirana Ekspres, a non-profit organization whose purpose is to serve as a supporting structure for emerging artists, social and cultural activists; as well as an open platform for social interaction brought to you the newest project Grande Pyramide K 2019 (Great Pyramid K 2019).

A project worked silently for 6 years brought to us one of the iconic authors of cinematography. Fehmi Krasniqi, the most famous artist who has fascinated Paris, became the headline of the day 12 August in the city of Tirana and in the national media.

Hypotheses that start with the mythology: “Pyramids were built by giants”; in pseudo-historical hypotheses without supporting logic: “The pyramids were built by thousands upon thousands of slave labor”; to the science fiction hypotheses: “The pyramids were built by the Aliens”.

And exactly when the theories have been consumed and the logical explanation has been abandoned, Fehmi Krasniqi, an Albanian living in France, together with the co-producer MSc. Olsa Vila, a graduate of European History and Studies, discovered this ancient mystery by coming to us with their irrefutable theory. At least so say the first spectators who had the opportunity to see the film at its premiere on September 28 at the Parisian cinema Club D’Etoile.


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