Orges & The Ockus – Rockus Band

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OORBOrges & The Ockus – Rockus Band open on their debut album with the title track Aheng, aheng!. This album is full of lust for life & the fire of the Balkans. The energy and pumping sound, that this band delivers, will thrill everyone. Thereʼs no way, but to move your feet to their rhythm. Disco beats fly around accompanied by gipsy bass lines. The Rockabilly Guitar deliberately uses one cliché after another. But as soon as the rough voice, only comparable to Paolo Conte, starts telling stories in Albanian, heavens would start to cry. Orges Toce is a worldʼs citizen. He grew up in the communist Albania of the 1980s. After living in Spain for some years, he moved to Austria. He is driven from the dirt (Zhul) in the streets of Tirana and the corruption (Scheiss’ auf Korruption) that still dominates politics in his homecountry.

However romance never dies and songs like Vajze cigane (Gipsy girl) and Karroca e vjeter (Old caravan) restore hope to his Balkans-soul.As rich as Albanian history seems to be, as colorful is Aheng, aheng!, the debut album of Orges & The Ockus – Rockus Band

Orges Toçe was born in Tirana/Albania in 28 Juli 1977. He studied at the musical school “Deshmoret e lirise” from the 1st to the 8th grade. After that he went to the Artistic – Lyceum “Jordan Misja” where he studied Violin with Tale Skenderi. His first Jazz-Lessons was with Markelian Kapidani (Pianist / Composer). At the same time he was working with Elton Deda (Pianist / Composer & Singer) in several Studio & Live sessions. In 1998 he went to Spain and played Guitar & Violin with various Classic , Rock & Jazz Bands (La Orquesta Sinfonica Region de Murcia, Los Albarracines, Gipsy-Swing Quintet Murcia, Carlos & Curro Pinana, Neuroticos ect, ect…). 2003 he went to Vienna / Austria to studie Jazz-Guitar at “Konservatorium Wien” where he graduated with the Title “Master of Arts” as a student of Claus Spechtl. Since 2003 he was working with several Jazz, Pop & Rock Bands.

Various Bands, Musicians, Producers & Artists with whom he worked together:

AlbaniaMarkelian Kapidani

Elton Deda

Enris Qinami



SpainLos Albarracines

Gipsy – Swing Quintet Murcia

Carlos & Curro Pinana



AustriaOrges & The Ockus – Rockus Band

The Rioters


Wilfried & Band



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