Performance & Exhibition opening: COMMUNICATIONS – CONTAMINATION


    poster rosa didonna_new“Communications – contamination “
    Exhibition and peformance by
    Rosa Didonna & Catia Cavone (Italy)
    Vernissage : April 19th – 18.00hrs
    During the vernissage the performance “Art is my second skin, La Sibilla Zana Albania” by Dr Rosa Didonna will be realized!
    Exhibition is on dispaly until April 22nd!

    Art has no borders, no boundaries, nor language, nor condition, but it unites all peoples of the world. And it is a universal act of freedom- with the passion and the love that unites us in brotherhood. Communications – contamination as a bridge across the sea of art in its myriad diversity, which is able not only to integrate with the context, but to give it new and expanded visibility.
    The exhibition will raise questions about relationships, it will awaken attention and communication on the ‘ primary objective of the exhibition to enhance the universal creativity.
    Rosa Didonnas performance “Art is my second skin, La Sibilla Zana Albania” will invite everybody to join spring in a playful manner.
    Based on the myth of Sibyl, the artist is creating a story that will involve the viewer in ancient rituals, including pain, passion and love. Rosa Didonna eventually wants to highlight that today’s society is in need of mutual cooperation among human beings. She communicates with her art and contaminates the site that hosts their own culture and tradition, through the life of the local inhabitants.


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