THE ALICKA PROBLEMIt’s a matter of filial piety either to accept it or not ,that the only thing
    these three individuals had in common was their depressive childhood(unbelievably,
    two of the members are products of the same “baby-fabric”).
    Coming from diverse backgrounds and being conscientous of their technical inability in playing instruments,
    they hardly tried to recruit new forces in their project.But that resulted unsuccesful.Not trying to recreate a moderate version of “Sonic Youth” ,the female part of the Alicka Problem
    took the duties of bassist and lead singer, while the men ,due to their non-rockstar-appearance ,
    found their ways in the darkest corners of the stage by playing guitar and drums.
    Their unorthodox way of mixing influences expands from adding extreme guitar-effects to Nick Drake’s
    and Leonard Cohen’s songwriting to singing like Hope Sandoval or imitating Radiohead’s Phil Selways’ hair-do.


    Most of the bands imitate, the better ones copy & paste (our category) and the real good ones invent music ( Neu! , Blla Blla Blla , Slint , Autechre etc.) . So here’s the deal:

    Die Einzigen, die mit dieser Band ein Problem haben könnten, sind Leute ohne offene Ohren. Das Mannheimer Trio zählt zu den wenigen wirklich experimentierfreudigen Rockbands der Region. Die abenteuerlustigen Sound-Tüftler mischen sphärische Sonic-Youth-Gitarren, hypnotische Krautrock-Rhythmen, schräge Radiohead-Harmonien und ätherische My-Bloody-Valentine-Gesänge zu einem ganz eigenen psychedelischen Stil, der ebenso verstörend wie faszinierend ist. So muss Rockmusik heute klingen
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