the glassesThe Glasses. Live Concert Indie Rock / Rock ‘n’ Roll.
    08/02/2014 at 21.30 hrs.

    The Glasses are a four-piece Indie Rock band from Prishtina, the band consists of Flamur Xhiku on lead vocals and guitar, Asdren Jonuzi on guitar, Zgjim Elshani on bass and Pajazit Dërmaku on drums.

    Formed by the end of the year 2007 the band began rehearsing in dark cold garages and any places they could find for some rock ‘n’ roll, “and even if we got kicked out from a garage we tried not to give up and looked for another location”. Their first gig was in a Red Cross Youth party on 04.01.2008, and after that invaded the whole city with their performances in many venues around Kosova and even in the region. Many people are describing them as the most exciting new band.

    The group continued to hone and develop their own sound and began to write own songs and played them live at shows. In March 2009 they recorded their first Ep with two tracks Toy boy and Nightlights. Now The Glasses just finished their debut album entitled “Staring From Behind” with 11 tracks on and is available now at stores.

    Entry : 300 Leke.
    (this is a contribution to the artists!)



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