Vjosa n’Fest Second Edition

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The project entitled "Vjosa n'Fest" aims to promote natural and cultural tourism initiatives through adventure, handicrafts and cuisine, as a strategy for the preservation of biodiversity along the Vjosa valley, but also for the further development of the area.
TIRANA EKSPRES has been contributing to the improvement of tourism, preservation and promotion of the cultural and natural values of our country for several years. TE intends that through this festival in its second edition, it aims to give life by promoting the cultural and natural heritage along the VJOSA valley. There will be three full festival days, with marathon activities in several different centers of the city of Permet. Vjosa n'Fest will be held on 28th, 29th and 30th of April, thus waiting for the end of the tourist season, on 1st May.
The declaration of the Vjosa River as a "National Park" has made the protection of the environment a priority. Consequently, tourism has become a unifying goal, with the potential to position the area as a competitive tourist destination, with value in the national, regional and global market.

The main activities that will be held during the Festival are:
- Folk music concerts, live, DJ.

- Craft and culinary fair.

- Children's area with popular games, balloon making and many other fun activities.

- Outdoor sports and activities such as rafting on the Vjosë river,

- Daily guide, cultural trekking in the 18th century church of Leusa, hiking in the Thermal Waters of Benja, hiking in the Bredhi i Hotova national park, trekking in the Gryka e Këlcyra.-Paratrike/Parachute Flight, paramotor/motorized parachute flight.

- HotAir Baloons, the big gas balloon, will be positioned in the city center and will give the attendees the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the city of Përmet, during the controlled take-off and landing.

- Horse riding for horse enthusiasts.

- Mountain Bike Fest.

- Climbing the "Stone of the City" the symbol of the identity of the city of Përmet

You are welcome to this second edition of this festival! For more information visit the link .


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