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“Për një fjalë goje”

​On a sunny Sunday of October 11th, Tirana Ekspres brought to the stage the comedy “Për një fjalë goje”.Bringing to the stage of Tirana Amfitheater this theatrical performance was an honor and also our first experience with such participation.Talk as much as you want but do not get caught up in a word of mouth.For all those who were tired of quarantine and the closed artistic life, for all the longing spectators of the theater, we carefully selected the comedy that best suits the conditions in which we live, posts quarantine, and care for Covid-19.Art was born as a need for communication and catharsis, so we will give you the best of what we have to offer to the art-loving public.

A special thank you goes to our sponsors and supporters:

Bashkia Tirane | APRRaiffeisen Invest


Two close friends who quarrel over a word of mouth and seek to break this friendship even after explanations and misunderstandings. A love that binds the two since childhood and does not allow them to separate. They do not perish for a word of mouth, but seek justice, for this they also turn to justice. However, they are right and they are not right. It all depends on the point of view.

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“The True West”

The True West is the story of two brothers who meet after 5 years at the home of a tire mother who has a holiday market in Alaska. Austin, the younger brother is a screenwriter and is working on a script that is very important for his career, while the older brother Lee disturbs the peace. The clash of Justice with extreme possibilities, jealousy, old grudges between the other person will bring a fierce conflict on stage and very interesting.


We invite you to watch the show at Tirana Ekspres, on Wednesday, at 21:00

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5 djelmoshat

“5 Djelmoshat” is the newest play which is being shown to the public of the capital city at the National Theater. This is the work of Slovenian author Simona Semiovic, part of the drama fair “My name is Balkan”, organized by artist Ema Andrea, previous September. The play is directed by Helidon Fino and starring well-known actors: Neritan Licaj, Gentian Hazizi, Dritan Borici, Laert Vasili and Genti Decka. Its main focus is the world of children, the way they perceive society and human relationships, behavior from the perspective of adults. The philosophy and psychology that the work contains is as difficult as it is delicate, since children represent the family and the family is the main cell of the nation itself. This theme is also addressed by the French existentialist philosopher Jean Paul Sarter in his work “Words”, a work with autobiographical notes, in which Sartre sees only children. Written at the age of 59, this book is a retrospective of his first 10 years. This book tells a lot about the great philosopher. The satirical comedy “5 boys” is reflective and necessary for society because it gives a strong lesson about what “should” and what “should not”. One of the main actresses Neritan Licaj (in the role of Krostofor) says: “This is one of my most difficult roles because it is difficult to go back to the age of 11, to his sincerity, mentality and innocence. The other difficulty lies in bringing the figure of the mother and beyond that the character who suffers from bullying, is not accepted in society and does everything to feel part of it. “Christopher kills himself at the age of 23 because he will live, but he cannot live.” The actors are on stage all the time and they have to play some roles, the show does not follow only a linear line, but it is very dynamic and lively. It is a mirror in which everyone finds themselves, given that the author is Balkan and the line of thought of the Balkan people is almost the same. “Homophobia, not being accepted in society, the parent-child relationship, the relationship between spouses and many others are best shown in.”

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THE OPENING 24 October

Tirana Ekspres has the pleasure to invite you to participate in the opening event of our cultural activity, at our central station. We value your presence as a precious contribution and support toward cultural institutions and art in the city.

We look forward to welcome you on October 24,2014, at 20:30

Trio Band (guitar, violin, cello)
Painting Exhibition
Performance (Metal T’20-26)
Dj (Electro ,DnB) (IT)

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Artists Wanted @ New Space of Tirana Ekspres

Artists WantedCommunity Art!

We are launching a call for young artists who would like to leave their colorful footprint on the walls of the New Tirana Ekspres.
Whoever has a creative idea and willing to share his Art with the community is welcomed to send a concept (image) to [email protected] by the 12th of October.

We will provide all materials needed for your ArtWork!

Some pictures will be published to offer you a better view of the workspace.

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World Theatre Day

world theatre day March 27th is internationally dedicated to THEATRE! Join us for the World Theatre Day at Tirana Ekspres, starting from 17:45 with a scenic lecture of “Tërmeti” by Oltion Kadaifçiut.

Please find more info in the Albanian version of this post. Thank you!

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OPEN DISCUSSION – The future of Albanian theatre!?

Thursdebat i teatritday, 13th February 2014, 19.00: The future of the Albanian Theatre!? – Open debate.

Is the Albanian theatre vegetating in shallow waters?
Is there any space for young actors and directors to produce and contribute their work?
Is the varieté dead- a genre so liked and followed by the spectators before the 90s?
Has the time come to develop an experimental theatre scene throughout Albania?
Does the Academy of Fine Arts “produce” artists or does it supply diploma only?
Is our national theatre scene controlled by the so-called culture mafia?
Is it time for artists to speak up and give their opinion a public voice?

These and other questions will be discussed on Thursday February 13th at 19.00 at Tirana Ekspres/ Station No. 1.
If you want to contribute, you are very welcome to join this topic!

Tirana Ekspres

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