OPEN DISCUSSION – The future of Albanian theatre!?


    Thursdebat i teatritday, 13th February 2014, 19.00: The future of the Albanian Theatre!? – Open debate.

    Is the Albanian theatre vegetating in shallow waters?
    Is there any space for young actors and directors to produce and contribute their work?
    Is the varieté dead- a genre so liked and followed by the spectators before the 90s?
    Has the time come to develop an experimental theatre scene throughout Albania?
    Does the Academy of Fine Arts “produce” artists or does it supply diploma only?
    Is our national theatre scene controlled by the so-called culture mafia?
    Is it time for artists to speak up and give their opinion a public voice?

    These and other questions will be discussed on Thursday February 13th at 19.00 at Tirana Ekspres/ Station No. 1.
    If you want to contribute, you are very welcome to join this topic!

    Tirana Ekspres


    1. I wonder why this introduction was made in English rather than in Albanian, but anyway, since it’s a past event now, I’d love to know what happened? Who said what? Any conclusions? Any follow up?

      • Hej there, yes, sure it’s long time passed – just a short note: our website is bilingual – most of the entries you can find in shqip as well – so this one! Best, Tirana Ekspres


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