DELIR NOKTURN – Avdor Kodhima 14 november

Posted in Culture, Main Category, Visual Arts on 10 November 2014 by Tirana Ekspres 

AvdorWe invite you this Friday to a special art expo released by Avdor Kodhima.
In this exhibition, there are 14 paintings offering different dimensions.These paintings are produced with spray paint, brushes and hands with fluorescent paint which under the light of ultraviolet neon makes the paintings glow in the dark and look like lights.
This is the very first exhibition using this technique in Albania.
The slogan of this exhibition is : I CAN SEE INTO THE DARK

This paintings are like a vision and a crucifixion of what is positive and negative.This artworks come like a medal with two sides with two and more meanings:
for example in one of these artworks you can see a planet being attacked from huge meteors and at the same time it seems like an egg insemination.
Light into the dark and darkness into the light.
I’m not adding more but I invite you to come and see by yourself and live the sensation this art will deliver to you.
Friday in date 14.11.2014 time 19.30 with the wish that you’ll enjoy this trip the best possible.
The exhibition will stay open to the public for 7 days until 21st november.




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