Posted in Environment, Main Category on 14 January 2014 by Tirana Ekspres 

Eco Centre in Ishem is the coordination point for environmental protection and regional promotion projects of Tirana Ekspres.

Our Ishem Eco Centre is a new 2013/14 sustainable environmental project organised by Tirana Ekspres.
The goal of the Ishem Eco House project is to confront and tackle the damage caused to the Rodon Cape from human waste and abuse. There are three stages we are looking to develop with the Rodon Cape conservation work.

1) Document and describe the kind of damage that exists along the Rodon Cape.
2) Develop a strategy/funding proposal for conservation and protection of the Rodon Cape.
3) Implement & maintain the conservation strategy.
Volunteers working on the project will be housed at our Ishem Eco Centre. The home currently has a basic kitchen, dorms, and shower/toilet. The garden space is its best feature, with incredible views of the valley and coastline, surrounded by grape vines, pomegranate trees and orange groves.
During the volunteers’ free time at the Eco house, you can explore some of the walking trails, catch a bus to one of the secluded beaches, or mingle with the locals.


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