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On Friday, March 25, 2022, the exhibition with young artists was opened in the premises of TE ’Galeria, under the curation of Andi Tepelena. Seven young artists brought together, exhibited  their works on oil on canvas technique. A presentations of series of their works of recent years to the public. Daily routine, artistic life, state of mind, childhood, tradition were some of the topics addressed by artists Albi Yzo, Enea Ziu, Kristian Zara, Hert’ha Pataj, Edinjo Jahja, Resina Meçani, Stefania Balla.

The exhibition remained open to the public until April 4 and was finalized with an art talk where the participating artists and the curator were invited. We came together to learn more about the content of the artworks but also the artistic reality in the city, the concerns and the steps that can be taken to make everyone’s contribution even more valuable.


Albi Yzo

To create in our contemporary era, it is in my opinion, to be committed to choosing different forms of expression while preserving the essence of ourselves, so that this energy is distributed in the time and space in which we live

Art, for me, is the ability of the mind to produce works, which society will put in function of its aesthetic and cultural improvement. My work clearly shows my interest in beauty, my ontological search for innovation, undeniable heterogeneity, love for man that he is sublime.

The balance and harmony between them constitute what can be special about my work.

Hert’ha Pataj

My name is Hert’ha Pataj, I was born in May 6, 2001 in Tirana. At an early age i took interest on art and persuid it on my own. I finished high school at “Petro Nini Luarasi” and currently I study in Faculty of Applied Science and Economy, in the Art & Design Departement. I am doing an intership at a marketing company for design and advertisement and also i work online from time to time also as a designer.

   My objective was architecture for a long time until i got myself more involved with art, which made my objective change to Art & Design. A lot of my art is influenced by a lot of artist, painters, graphists from different eras and also from music, which is where i find myself the most inspired, espacially in what concept I will base what I am going to create on.

Kristian Zara

In my artistic research, the combination of activities along with spiritual manifestation of psyche are already an important part of my studies as an artist. I use the human figure through which I can express all the artistic, philosophical observations that stem from an uninterrupted process of meditation and analysis.

Observing the interaction between the inner and outer world, man and society, nature and humanity, I often happens to immerse myself in a conversation with the former unknown.

Despite the fact that I use someone else’s image, the unknown self is a part of myself which in turn becomes the self-subject (subject) and object to be observed and developed conceptually.

Enea Ziu 

In a society where man is living more within his mind, or virtual world, I want to put apparently the importance of social and family relationships, relationships with the space where we live and the objects that surround us. Painting for me is the perpetuation of a moment, be it and ordinary, real or imaginary. Spontaneous moments from everyday life occupy a part of important in my creativity. These moments not only reveal my feelings and perceptions on reality but also reveal the process of creation itself.


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