EXHIBITION – The tradtions of the Northern Mountains

    tradita e maleve te veriutExhibition opening: The traditions of the Northern Mountains – Thursday 8th May 2014, 19.30 @ Tirana Ekspres:
    In the era of globalization where technology and culture are constantly influenced by computers and digital media, it is important to occasionally have a look back to the roots since today’s culture is built on strong foundations of the past.
    The exhibition “The traditions of the Northern Mountains” aims at promoting ethno-cultural heritage of Albania’s northern areas, bringing a bit of life that northerners living means, such as tools, papers and crafts, or folk costumes.
    You are invited to an evening where perennial exhibition facilities will naturally intertwine with discussions, poetry books and authors to the area, accompanied by the sweet sounds of flute and çiftelisë.


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