Firstwave to Soundwave

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11377265_852536934796115_4904620028380548662_nDear Friends,

we would like to welcome you to the season-opening of our beautiful ATLANTID Beach Camp! The weekend of 27th and 28th June is reserved for Kepi i Rodonit and should be marked red in your calendar! The opening holds a very special event for you: FIRSTWAVE to SOUNDWAVE. The waves will go from Kepi i Rodonit to Drymades Beach. This is a pre-event to the offical Soundwave Festival.


27th June Start: 19:00
MiniMim (Pepper On)
Leg off (Ks)
Dj Cuc (Tr)

28th June

Beach party
Tatu (Pepper On)
Uran B. (Ks)

The beach offers food and camping, music and drinks, paddeling, chill out, great people and a wonderful beach!




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