Posted in Past Events on 19 May 2020 by Tirana Ekspres 

Tirana Ekspres invites you to contribute to the DREAM DREAMS project, to preserve lullabies together, as an important cultural heritage and as content important to the youngest generations for their more beautiful childhood. If you know a lullaby that is dear to you, that was sung to you as a child or that you sang it to your children, or you know someone from older generations who remember lullabies from old times, and you want it to enter the fund of preserved cultural heritage, please to send us a video or audio recording of the performance. Don’t be afraid of your singing, the richness you hide in your heart and memories is essential. If you do not have a Dictaphone, microphone and professional recording conditions, you can use your own and mobile phones. In this case, you need to shoot in silence and with enough light. In addition to the audio or video, send us: the name of the author of the lullaby, if known, the name of the person performing the lullaby, a short statement with a description of how you know the lullaby and where the lullaby comes from. You can send images up to 20 MB in size to the e-mail address: [email protected] and larger ones via Wetransfer to the same address.


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