LITERATURE NIGHTS #2 19 november


       picture literature nightOn the Road to Babadag-Andrzej Stasiuk

    What is travel writing? A litany of exploits? An amble into the unknown? A mere recounting of facts and faces, days and names? A celebration of unfettered freedom?

    For Andrzej Stasiuk, perhaps, it’s an exploration of the disparate national psychologies of the world. His prize-winning travelogue, “On the Road to Babadag”, takes us along the Eastern European corridor from his native Poland southward to Albania in an earnest attempt to record his impressions of the landscapes and geographies and human detritus and personalities experienced along the way. In doing so, he raises the question: In what ways does our material culture and physical surroundings contribute to the collective psyche of our nations?

    In reading together, these are the questions we’ll ask and explore, and perhaps these are the questions we’ll answer.

    Join us on this literary voyage every Wednesday evening at 18:30

    In the first episode we will discuss creative ways of having pleasant literature nights and introduce the chosen book.



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