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Wednesday, 18th December 2013, 19.00 @ Tirana Ekspres: Let’s make our city a more social and green place!

Message to all people making change in Tirana

Do you want to make Tirana a more social and green place? Do you want to find out more about Social Entrepreneurs? Do you want to help them?

I’m Joris, a world traveller of MakeSense. I’m passing by in Tirana as part of my Green Sense Tour on my way to hitchhiking to Morocco and West-Africa. On this tour I’m travelling during 10 months to meet and help green entrepreneurs and changemakers. I would like to meet you guys to share my travel experiences, my enthusiasm on social entrepreneurship and the energy of the MakeSense community!

I am conducting my Green Sense Tour with support of MakeSense, a powerful community of over 800 young change makers around the world who are passionate about helping social entrepreneurs. While travelling, I meet changemakers and social entrepreneurs.

I hope to see you guys!

What? informal come together
When? 7.30pm, Wednesday 18 December
Where? Tirana (exact location to be announced soon)
Who? Everyone who wants to make a difference
Price? Free!

SENSEDRINKS are drinks organized by the MakeSense community. We invite professionnals, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, students and curious minds to join, to connect and share about entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainable development and celebrate change initiatives happening in the world among changemakers.

The MAKESENSE open community is about supporting social entrepreneurs, and sensitizing society at large about the concept of social business. To do so, we train people to become “gangsters” facilitating brainstorming – creativity sessions that we call Hold-ups – in order to “steal” ideas from supporting “SenseMakers” and solve the challenges faced by socio-entrepreneurs. We basically apply open innovation to crowdsource ideas that help these social businesses moving forward.

In less than 3 years, the 850 members of MakeSense has mobilized 10,000 SenseMakers in more than 80 cities worldwide, helping more than 300 socio-entrepreneurs. Our goal is to involve 300,000 people by 2017.

Find out more on MakeSense here http://jorisdepouillon.blogspot.com/p/makesense.html

On my GREEN SENSE TOUR I’m travelling for 10 months, meeting with green changemakers and most importantly helping sustainable entrepreneurs. I’ve decided to go on this Tour to realize my mission: set up a sustainable business. By meeting with, talking to and working for green entrepreneurs and changemakers, I gain precious experience for my own business.

So far I have been working for Yesilist, the green platform in Turkey as a consultant and I have been starting a MakeSense community in Istanbul. Now I’m heading to Morocco and West-Africa to meet and help green entrepreneurs there.

Find out more on my Green Sense Tour here: http://jorisdepouillon.blogspot.com/green sense tour


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