MIMESIS – Exhibition by Frederic Beaugeard 17 january

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Dear Friends,

MIMESIS is the name of a exhibition that we will welcome, starting from the 17th of January, in the space of Tirana Ekspres.

The creator of the shown works is Frederic Beaugeard, a french teacher and artist living in Albania: “This exhibit shows ligne claire graphic novel style drawings with collages depicting some Asian features. Each composition is an independent image from a surrealistic inspiration, and part of a not yet written story in perpetual process by automatic drawing technique.
It is, in fact, the spiritual quest of a generic character with a bowler hat lost in a delirious world, where he has to confront as much his own phantasms as those of an enigmatic power. Leaving a city, he will cross deserts, jungles and limbos, climb mountains or fly; travel through past and science-fiction, and even his own story. It’s an intuitive production before
acknowledging the philosophical theory of consciousness of J-W Dunne and A. Huxley. This
exhibit is from an exclusively playful personal work starting twenty years ago, which only came to light in Korea in 2002, in Kuwait in 2006, and later in 2011 in Illinois, USA.” – Frederic Beaugeard.




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