NYMPHAE – painting exhibition by PARID DULE


    Exhibition opening ‘NYMPHAE’ by Parid Dule, January 6th 2014, 18.00 @ Tirana Ekspres! On display unti January 21st!

    Parid Dule finished the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana in 1994. His creative artistic work begins in 1979 with a series of exhibitions of different genres and techniques, in- and outside the country.

    He is opening the cycle of exhibitions of the New Year 2014 and will display his unique nudes to art lovers for the first time at Tirana Ekspres.

    Nymphs, the main subject of this series of works, are embodied through color, motives and their fragilities. In this exhibition the viewer will perceive the sensitivity of the artist that reveals us another aspect of womanhood. The artist truly exposes the beauty and privacy of his characters by exploring their interior.

    Watch the photo gallery here:


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