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Following the cleanup campaign in Rodon Cape, as touristic season approaches, we invite you to be part of our upcoming action. Join us in support of this natural resource ,on April 12th , Saturday at 09 :00 AM .

Your contribution in time and effort, or financial support will enable us to make a difference in the local quality of life and ecological tourism in Albania.

For further details, please contact [email protected]

This action is  supported and coordinated by Tirana Ekspres and Rodon Cape Guards

Please feel free to share this Invitation!

Details concerning the area and situation :

Rodon Cape Guards is a citizen group that works since 2012 to prevent further degradation of the Cape and restore the polluted areas surrounding . The  ongoing project  builds the idea of restoring, preserving and promoting Rodon Cape on the basis of voluntarism by encouraging people to visit the area for various environment and cultural activities with a special focus on a final solution. The most problematic area is river Ishëm which  plays  an essential role in the ecosystem. Each of the many confluents of Ishëm carries along to the sea the pollution that is generated by the city, county, village or business on its way. The pollution is slowly but surely accumulated on the delta of the river and many times it goes into the Adriatic where the currents take it to neighboring countries. Many complaints and offers to help resolve this issue have been addressed to media, organizations and institution, but so far nothing has been done. The pollution of Ishëm is chemical and microbiological. Many compounds based on heavy metals and plastic materials have a hard time to disintegrate and their stock in the ground or the groundwater is synonym to long-lasting pollution. We believe that the time for action is now. Pollution is an exacerbating problem for every human being. We are confident that we posses all human qualities and human resources needed to sweep this area clean of all the damaging waste.


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