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“Go and don’t look back”

The exhibition called "Go and don't look back" was opened on Wednesday, May 24, TE'Galeria. This exhibition was developed by students of the Artistic Lyceum "Jordan Misja", led by their teacher. Students' creations gave color to this exhibition. The exhibition was open until June 11 from 10:00 - 13:00 and 17:00 - 19:00.

This exhibition had a great curiosity from people, since it is also an exhibition which had creations by students of the Artistic High School, i.e. young artists in this field.

Jo Vetem Mode nga Orinda Huta

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Hoja Hostel

Hoja Hostel is a new space near the center of Tirana, near the New Market, designed especially for people who want a place to stay while enjoying the city.

Hoja Hostel is a reasonably priced hostel that offers basic and shared accommodation. It features a large room with separate beds and a shared bathroom. The rooms offer bunk beds and also the hostel has a terrace with a wonderful view, where you can spend a pleasant evening. For people who prefer an affordable price to stay while exploring the city, Hoja Hostel is the perfect place.

Hoja Hostel has a space dedicated to art, the Art Residency Room, which welcomes artists and art lovers, turning it into a cultural space. We sincerely believe in the value and importance of the shared experience of personal, professional and artistic discovery that occurs within a supportive environment. The residency is open to musicians, painters, photographers, artisans and writers. Hoja Hostel offers a connection with a network of artists through meetings and visits to various art spaces in the city of Tirana. A place to stay and work away from the distractions of everyday life.

For more travel inspiration, click the link " " > momondo’s Tirana Guide. 

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Poster Sting in The target
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Sting in the Target

"Sting in the Target" is the title of the exhibition that opened on Friday, November 18, TE'Galeria, 7:00 p.m. The catalogue was presented as well as about 30 works in different techniques such as pencil, watercolour, acrylic or digital print. The public participating in the opening of this exhibition got to know the caricature art of Endri Beqo.

The world is presented through the art of caricature from the eyes of the artist Endri Beqo. Social topics and changes that have occurred in this decade. War, pollution, global warming, the Covid-19 virus, the economic crisis and the changes brought by technological innovations in people's lives are some of the themes that the artist has addressed in his work. After 10 years, he summarized these works in a catalogue, which is now available in bookstores in Tirana. Portraits, characters and phenomena of an Albanian and world social reality presented with doses of irony and humour in order to make you reflect.

The "Sting in the Target" exhibition remained open for art lovers until the 27th of November 2022 at the premises of TE'Galeria.

About the author
Endrit Beqo was born in Tirana and graduated from the University of Arts in Tirana in sculpture and graphics from 2010-2015. He has participated in many different activities in the Art category of caricature in portraits and collaborations in many different events as well as from the Municipality of Tirana.  He participated in the "Info Network" where he received the second prize in the theme of EU cartoons. He has also received international awards at various Festivals such as the Strip and Cartoon Biennial at the HAMAM Gallery in Prizren, Pristina Macedonia. Also at the exhibition (The Flame of January) in Gjilan.

The cartoon entered the map of Albania for the first time in 2020 when the Biennale Competition was organized by Niko Nikolla, in the city of Pogradec, where the artist was also a participant. And the last one was in Ferizaj at the festival of the Cartoon Association-HITHI when it was awarded the prize (for high artistic values). He has participated in collective exhibitions in the districts of Albania in groups, he has made three personal exhibitions with Social Caricatures about The earthquake and the last one about Covid (Gat Gallery). He has also illustrated articles, published children's books, worked in online newspapers and publications with different articles in social cartoons, as well as stage scenography of the Skampa theatre and composed posters in cartoons. His illustration is also a comic book that he has published and a book with the theme of emigration where he participated in the Graphic Novels from the Ministry of Culture.

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Artizanes is a social business which aims to promote young artisans in Albania. Created in November 2021, Artizanes counts today about 60 Artisans who promote their creations in the space of our physical store located in the New Bazar. Artizanes aims to expand the range of handmade products as well as promote the sale of products produced by young artisans.

A variety of products like accessories, self-care products, and décor with materials such as clay, macrame, wire, stones, crystals, wood,  resin and other forms of expression can be found at ARTIZANES.

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Buy a painting for an education

 On September the 8th, TE'Galeria opened a solidarity exhibition. "Buy a painting, for an education" came to aid to some  children in the city of Elbasan. This exhibition was open for three days and many individuals and institutions expressed their solidarity for the cause.

The two-day painting workshop was conducted for children aged 7-13 and it was finalized with an exhibition. The income collected from this exhibition went as an aid to the purchase of school supplies and clothes for some children in the city of Elbasan. The list of needs was previously sent by the Organization A2A Albania and was made public on our website and Socal Media. 

This project was conceived by Ana Qirjazi and her family and brought to life by Tirana Ekspres, TE'Galeria in collaboration with the Association A2A Albania in Elbasan. Click the link to follow RTSH's chronicle dedicated to the project.

Thanks to the contributions collected by individuals, a company, and the embassy of Greece, Slovenia, and Turkish generosity we managed to secure school items for 50 children. 

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Vjosa n’Fest

The Vjosa n'Fest festival was held on May 27, 28 and 29, 2022 in the city of Përmet from 9:00 a.m. until the early hours of the morning where hundreds of well-wishers who had traveled from various cities of Albania participated.
An all-encompassing festival with diverse activities such as music concerts with popular bands and DJs, sports activities and craft fairs.
Promotion of local businesses had a special focus, therefore a database was created for each category included in the festival such as Rafting, Hiking, Trekking etc. of the city. A database was also created with all accommodation structures located in the city and surrounding villages.
Contact with residents and creating a network was of particular importance. We had the opportunity to get different opinions from them regarding the selection of placement of each field activity based on their conditions and specifics. At the same time, contacts were established with other possible entities that could bring their services from Tirana. Services that exceeded the capacities of the city of Përmet, but important in the smooth running of the festival, such as the creation of the Artisans fair with twenty stands located in the main square where the invited artisans from different cities of Albania were located.

Air sports

The three-day event started its journey with a performance by Sky Sports Albania paratroopers with Alket Islami, Jhonatan Islami and other pilots. They offered some skydiving for extreme sports enthusiasts. Flights lasted from 15 to 20 minutes. Paratrike, paragliding, paramotor and motorized paragliding were the modes of flight that those interested could choose. The flight survey was carried out in Polimen, traversing the area along the Vjosa valley above the town of Përmet to the vicinity of the village of Buhal.

Automotive guide

Motorcycle Racing and Motorcycle Guides were provided by Enduro Albania Motors. 10
Certified bikers staged motorcycle shows along the city's main pedestrian thoroughfare. Professional guides with all the necessary equipment were also made available to motorcycle enthusiasts for two hours during the three days of the festival. About 100 people came from this activity to register on the event website, through social networks and physically at the stand set up for this activity.

Bike tour

Individual and group bicycle tours in various destinations of the city of Përmet, such as in Banja Banjë, Alipostivan, Stërmbec and Ujvara e Sopot. etc. Bike tours were offered by Bike Doctor with 15 certified guides, throughout the three days of the festival starting on the morning of the 27th with a picnic in the city center of Përmet. Through the stand located in the center of the city, dedicated to this activity, those interested had the opportunity to register to take one of the bicycle tours. About 65 people participated in this sports activity. Those interested have traveled from various cities of Shipëria as well as from Kosovo.

Craft and Culinary Fair

Special attention was paid to the promotion of local products through the Fair. In front of the town hall, 20 stands were placed for the culinary fair of the area, with local products and traditional dishes, as well as the craft fair with artisans from the cities of Përmet, Erseka, Gjirokastra, Tirana and other cities. In this fair, they had the opportunity to promote their handmade products through various means.

Children's activity

At the same time, children's activities were held too. The space dedicated to children included animations, popular games, building and raising balloons, the flow corner and the painting exhibition "I painted in my eyes" with works by the children of the city. Activities dedicated to children took place during the first two days of the festival, May 27 and 28, from 10:00 to 17:00.

The first edition of Vjosa n'Fest had good feedback from the local community as well as from the people who came to the city of Permet to attend the festival.

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Kite Day

Kite Day

The balloon has long been one of the most beloved games for children. The interaction with nature, the wind and the flight of birds have been and always remains an incomparable sensation. Bringing back such an activity in the time we live in, with the rapid digitization that is happening, is challenging, however, it makes us remind ourselves of the importance of contact with nature and physical activity for children of all ages.
The day of balloons was held on the 8th of May at the kiter field at the artificial lake of Tirana. Children of all ages were invited to join the activity. Participants: Children with the help of their parents were invited to create their own handmade balloons.  The event was accompanied by music a music concert and other fun activities.
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Mbjellja e Pemeve
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Kino Screening  Te’Galeria “Mbjellja e Pemëve”


Në hapsirën e TE’ Galeria, me datë 10 Mars, u shfaq filmi “Mbjellja e Pemëve” me regji të Fabio Seferit dhe skenar të Ylljet Aliçkës. Kjo është nata e dytë që Tirana Ekspres shfaq për publikun një prodhim Shqiptar, si një vazhdimësi e mbrëmjeve kushtuar filmit.

-“Mbjellja e pemëve” është filmi i fundit që na lë si thesar aktori Guljelm Radoja. Artisti shfaqet në formë të mirë në këtë produksion kinematografik…

Filmi që e sjell artistin në kostumin e një personazhi mjaft pozitiv, dashamirës dhe plot këshilla, mbart të njëjtin imazh të artistit edhe për regjisorin, që e cilëson sheshin e xhirimit si një përvojë të vyer me artistin Guljelm Radoja.

“Mbjellja e pemëve”,  është një film me metrazh të shkurtër dhe është mbështetur edhe nga Qendra Kombëtare e Kinematografisë, (Luela Myftari, A2 CNN)

Bio e shkurtër e Artistit

Fabio Seferi i lindur (29 nëntor 1994) është një regjisor shqiptar. Ka studiuar në Universitetin e Arteve në Tiranë. Ai e filloi karrierën e tij si regjisor i pavarur me publikimin e Dogma 2018, i cili është një projekt filmik 48 orësh dhe fitoi Përdorimin më të Mirë të Zhanrit.


Kino Screening Te’Galeria

In the space of TE ‘Galeria, on March 10, was show for the public the film “Mbjellja e Pemëve” directed by Fabio Seferi and scripted by Ylljet Alicka . This is the second night that Tirana Ekspres brings for the public an Albanian production, as a continuation of the evenings dedicated to the film.

– “Planting trees” is the last film that the actor Guljelm Radoja left for us… The film brings the artist in the costume of a very positive character, kind and full of advice, who carries the same image of the artist for the director, which is also what seems to have been shot as a valuable experience with the artist Guljelm Radoja. “Planting Trees”, is a short film and was supported by the National Center of Cinematography, (Luela Myftari, A2 CNN)

Short bio of the Artist

Fabio Seferi born (November 29, 1994) is an Albanian director. He studied at the University of Arts in Tirana. He started his work as a freelance director with the release of Dogma 2018, which is a 48-hour film project, and won the best use of the Genre.


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