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“Go and don’t look back”

The exhibition called "Go and don't look back" was opened on Wednesday, May 24, TE'Galeria. This exhibition was developed by students of the Artistic Lyceum "Jordan Misja", led by their teacher. Students' creations gave color to this exhibition. The exhibition was open until June 11 from 10:00 - 13:00 and 17:00 - 19:00.

This exhibition had a great curiosity from people, since it is also an exhibition which had creations by students of the Artistic High School, i.e. young artists in this field.

Jo Vetem Mode nga Orinda Huta

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Poster Sting in The target
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Sting in the Target

"Sting in the Target" is the title of the exhibition that opened on Friday, November 18, TE'Galeria, 7:00 p.m. The catalogue was presented as well as about 30 works in different techniques such as pencil, watercolour, acrylic or digital print. The public participating in the opening of this exhibition got to know the caricature art of Endri Beqo.

The world is presented through the art of caricature from the eyes of the artist Endri Beqo. Social topics and changes that have occurred in this decade. War, pollution, global warming, the Covid-19 virus, the economic crisis and the changes brought by technological innovations in people's lives are some of the themes that the artist has addressed in his work. After 10 years, he summarized these works in a catalogue, which is now available in bookstores in Tirana. Portraits, characters and phenomena of an Albanian and world social reality presented with doses of irony and humour in order to make you reflect.

The "Sting in the Target" exhibition remained open for art lovers until the 27th of November 2022 at the premises of TE'Galeria.

About the author
Endrit Beqo was born in Tirana and graduated from the University of Arts in Tirana in sculpture and graphics from 2010-2015. He has participated in many different activities in the Art category of caricature in portraits and collaborations in many different events as well as from the Municipality of Tirana.  He participated in the "Info Network" where he received the second prize in the theme of EU cartoons. He has also received international awards at various Festivals such as the Strip and Cartoon Biennial at the HAMAM Gallery in Prizren, Pristina Macedonia. Also at the exhibition (The Flame of January) in Gjilan.

The cartoon entered the map of Albania for the first time in 2020 when the Biennale Competition was organized by Niko Nikolla, in the city of Pogradec, where the artist was also a participant. And the last one was in Ferizaj at the festival of the Cartoon Association-HITHI when it was awarded the prize (for high artistic values). He has participated in collective exhibitions in the districts of Albania in groups, he has made three personal exhibitions with Social Caricatures about The earthquake and the last one about Covid (Gat Gallery). He has also illustrated articles, published children's books, worked in online newspapers and publications with different articles in social cartoons, as well as stage scenography of the Skampa theatre and composed posters in cartoons. His illustration is also a comic book that he has published and a book with the theme of emigration where he participated in the Graphic Novels from the Ministry of Culture.

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Buy a painting for an education

 On September the 8th, TE'Galeria opened a solidarity exhibition. "Buy a painting, for an education" came to aid to some  children in the city of Elbasan. This exhibition was open for three days and many individuals and institutions expressed their solidarity for the cause.

The two-day painting workshop was conducted for children aged 7-13 and it was finalized with an exhibition. The income collected from this exhibition went as an aid to the purchase of school supplies and clothes for some children in the city of Elbasan. The list of needs was previously sent by the Organization A2A Albania and was made public on our website and Socal Media. 

This project was conceived by Ana Qirjazi and her family and brought to life by Tirana Ekspres, TE'Galeria in collaboration with the Association A2A Albania in Elbasan. Click the link to follow RTSH's chronicle dedicated to the project.

Thanks to the contributions collected by individuals, a company, and the embassy of Greece, Slovenia, and Turkish generosity we managed to secure school items for 50 children. 

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The Collective Memory

We do not even have a grave of hers, we do not even have bones of hers, we don't have anything except for this photograph…
                                                                                                                                                                  Pjeter Mashi

     The Collective Memory Project - Creative Laboratory was finalized with the Te'Galeria exhibition opened on July 18, 2022, where 42 photographs from the archive of almost 2,000 photographs were presented to the public. This project aimed to collect and create a photographic archive in different villages of Albania from north to south. A trip through the countryside was conceived as a creative laboratory with a caravan. Albania has a rich cultural heritage and even its most remote villages have an amazing story to tell. Our mission is to reclaim the collective memory of culture, through photography, and introduce both tourists and locals to these hidden treasures of this country.

Promoting the strengthening of individual and collective memories through the recognition of tradition and culture aims to enrich the cultural archive with individual stories conveyed through photography in north-south Albania. Special moments documented through photography over the years such as joys, parties, guests, soldiers, doctors, important events, etc. Every fragment lived and documented in black and white. Creating a digital photographic archive of our shared memory. During the journey, the mobile laboratory managed to create an archive of about 2,000 photographs in all the territories it crossed. These photos were scanned inside the laboratory and saved to be processed and placed in the function of the exhibition with the same title.     

Just like today and years ago, special moments that have left a mark on the lives of many people were documented. Albanian families have fanatically preserved their family archives, where apart from being previously unseen realities, they convey the historical and cultural values of our country. In addition, during this journey, through family members, a corresponding story was generated for the preserved photographs, which added value to the research of our creative laboratory.

Tirana Ekspres retains full copyright.

Te’ Galeria, Tiranë

A project by Tirana Ekspres
Suported by Ministria e Kulturës

Implemented in the terrain
Rexhina Marku & Danjel Kuçaj

Resina Meçani

Photo editing and design
Inda Sela

The Collective Memory Exhibition
The Collective Memory Exhibition
The Collective Memory Exhibition
The Collective Memory Exhibition
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Exhibition with young artists

On Friday, March 25, 2022, the exhibition with young artists was opened in the premises of TE ’Galeria, under the curation of Andi Tepelena. Seven young artists brought together, exhibited  their works on oil on canvas technique. A presentations of series of their works of recent years to the public. Daily routine, artistic life, state of mind, childhood, tradition were some of the topics addressed by artists Albi Yzo, Enea Ziu, Kristian Zara, Hert’ha Pataj, Edinjo Jahja, Resina Meçani, Stefania Balla.

The exhibition remained open to the public until April 4 and was finalized with an art talk where the participating artists and the curator were invited. We came together to learn more about the content of the artworks but also the artistic reality in the city, the concerns and the steps that can be taken to make everyone’s contribution even more valuable.


Albi Yzo

To create in our contemporary era, it is in my opinion, to be committed to choosing different forms of expression while preserving the essence of ourselves, so that this energy is distributed in the time and space in which we live

Art, for me, is the ability of the mind to produce works, which society will put in function of its aesthetic and cultural improvement. My work clearly shows my interest in beauty, my ontological search for innovation, undeniable heterogeneity, love for man that he is sublime.

The balance and harmony between them constitute what can be special about my work.

Hert’ha Pataj

My name is Hert’ha Pataj, I was born in May 6, 2001 in Tirana. At an early age i took interest on art and persuid it on my own. I finished high school at “Petro Nini Luarasi” and currently I study in Faculty of Applied Science and Economy, in the Art & Design Departement. I am doing an intership at a marketing company for design and advertisement and also i work online from time to time also as a designer.

   My objective was architecture for a long time until i got myself more involved with art, which made my objective change to Art & Design. A lot of my art is influenced by a lot of artist, painters, graphists from different eras and also from music, which is where i find myself the most inspired, espacially in what concept I will base what I am going to create on.

Kristian Zara

In my artistic research, the combination of activities along with spiritual manifestation of psyche are already an important part of my studies as an artist. I use the human figure through which I can express all the artistic, philosophical observations that stem from an uninterrupted process of meditation and analysis.

Observing the interaction between the inner and outer world, man and society, nature and humanity, I often happens to immerse myself in a conversation with the former unknown.

Despite the fact that I use someone else’s image, the unknown self is a part of myself which in turn becomes the self-subject (subject) and object to be observed and developed conceptually.

Enea Ziu 

In a society where man is living more within his mind, or virtual world, I want to put apparently the importance of social and family relationships, relationships with the space where we live and the objects that surround us. Painting for me is the perpetuation of a moment, be it and ordinary, real or imaginary. Spontaneous moments from everyday life occupy a part of important in my creativity. These moments not only reveal my feelings and perceptions on reality but also reveal the process of creation itself.

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Spirit light in Vietnam
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Spirit Light in Vietnam

“Spirit Light in Vietnam” Eva Sula

Ditën e premte, datë 25 Shkurt u çel ekspozita personale e fotografes Eva Sula, me titull “Spirit Light in Vietnam”. Një rrugëtim nëpër copëza jete të Vietnaimit, sjellë nga këndvështrimi i fotografes Eva Sula. Në ekspozitë u prezantuan 17 fotografi bardh e zi me çaste të kapuara nga jeta e njerëzve të thjeshtë  nëpër rrugët e Vietnamit. Ekspozita qëndroi e hapur për publikun deri më datë 5 Mars.

Short Bio

Kam studiuar për fotografi kur isha në fillim të 20-ave. Pata fatin të kisha një nga profesorët më magjepsës, i cili më mësoi jo vetëm se si të bëja fotografi, por edhe se si të doja dhe të jetoja më  brenda saj, Shpend Bengu. Unë gjithmonë kam qenë e interesuar në portrete njerëzore dhe në thelb lakuriqësia ishte një Rrufe në qiell të hapur. Kam thënë shpesh nëse do të dija të pikturoja nuk do bëhesha asnjëherë fotografe, por kur dëgjoja që fotot e mia i quanin “piktura” kuptova se asgjë nuk ndodh pa arsye “ex nilhilo nihil fit”.

Ekspozitën time të parë e kam hapur me Rezarta Skendaj, në vitin 2012. Ai ishte hapi i pare dhe sigurisht jo i fundit. Ekspozita “THE HIDDEN FEMALE IDENTITY” e cila përfshinte foto dhe skica  ishte një ekspozitë mbi të cilën u fol shumë.

Në vitin 2016 hap ekspozitën e parë personale me nudo në ambientet e Qendrës Rinore Tiranë. Titulli i ekspozitës ishte “THE UNCOVERED MUSE”. Ekspozita u transferua edhe në Shkodër ku u mundësua nga Mirsad Basha (Eko Mëndje) në po të njëjtin vit.

Në vitin 2018 hapet ekspozita ime e tretë me titullin “MY BODY IS A CAGE” pranë ambienteve të Destil.

Janë shkruar shumë e thënë pak por kënaqesitë që kam marr janë po të njejta si ato vendngjarje.

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