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    Ne kuader te dites Nderkombetare te te Drejtave te Njeriut 10 Dhjetor 2014, Tirana Ekspres, ne bashkepunim me: Aleanca Kundër Diskriminimit LGBT, Ambasada PINK dhe OMSA- Open Mind Spectrum Albania, Do te shfaqin Filmin “Femijet 404”. Do te kishim kenaqesine qe pas shfaqes se filmit te hapnim nje diskutim me organizatat e ftuara.

    Children 404: By Pavel Loparev and Askold Kurov | Russia | 2014 | 70min

    “In 2013, Russian President Vladimir Putin passed a bill forbidding the “promotion of nontraditional sexual relations to minors.” LGBT youth, now defenseless against insults and intimidation under this “gay propaganda” law, are considered sick, sinful and abnormal. Psychologists, teachers and even parents can be fined or imprisoned for supporting them. Forty-five Russian teens and tweens share their stories through anonymous interviews and video diaries. They detail their humiliations and discriminations, as well as their courageous stands against bullies. Their testimonies are collected online as the Children 404 project, named after the common “error 404 – page not found” web message. The support group’s founder struggles within the system to bring public attention and empathy to the victims of this government-endorsed hate, while activist Pasha decides he must leave his homeland altogether if he hopes to find a boyfriend and lead a normal life. Has a new Stone Age arrived in Russia?” (Angie Driscol, Hot Docs)

    The movie is provided by the Dutch Embassy.

    The screening will start at 7 pm on 8th december and take place at Tirana Ekspres.

    How to find us: Zogu i Zi, Rruga Dritan Hoxha (ish shkolla e partise), follow the colourful lights!

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