EFFA 2014EFFA 2014 Events @ Tirana Ekspres:
    Saturday, 17.5., 18.00: EXHIBITION OPENING
    Sunday, 18.5., 18.00: Film screening BELO MONTE
    Monday, 19.5., 18.00: Film screening LOST RIVERS
    Wednesday, 21.5., 18.00: Film screening BIG BOYS GONE BANANAS
    Thursday, 22.5., 15.00: WORKSHOP Environment & Film
    Friday, 23.5., 18.00: Film screening THE PIPE
    Saturday, 24.5., 20.30: CLOSING & AWARDS CEREMONY + CONCERT

    Cinema has an important role in educating, raising awareness and informing, at the same time as entertaining. The Environmental Film Festival -holds and defends the idea that “the right to environment is the right for everyone”, a common good that has a great relevance and importance for our life and that of the planet we live in. Ecology, culture, economics, migrations, wars, the destruction of forests and social issues, amongst many many others, are the essence of why this festival is created by aiming to share and exchange common and future concerns.

    Download the EFFA 14_programme (PDF)


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