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Posted in Environment on 7 July 2015 by Tirana Ekspres 

Hani Ishemcover4HANI ISHËM

Hani Ishëm has a lot of natural and cultural beauties, although it is not on the touristic maps of Albania. Nature is almost virgin though, there is generally a desire for awareness regarding the protection of habit. Agricultural products can be found more in quantity taking into account the fact that the natives Production themselves. Fishing is actually deteriorating marine habitats.

 More enabled tourism is now abusive and unable to preserve / protect culture and trade opportunity. The area is always underdeveloped and thereI can be used more opportunities to work harder for young people, to exercise more opportunities to leave the area for a better service in Tirana or abroad. The area has been plagued by inadequate infrastructure and service delivery for tourism. There is little investment and employment. Residents are discouraged and look at the lack of shopping prospects.

 Tourism development leads to more jobs and directly impacts  families and services. Tirana Ekspres has been working in the municipality of Ishem for 2 years. In April 2013, a memorandum of understanding was signed with the municipality of Ishem. Throughout that period of time the Ishem festival was organized for the first time – a traditional music festival which aimed to make an annual celebration. In 2013, Tirana Ekspres with the ADA Agency Center (Austrian Development Agency) established the Eco and Services Center as a project coordination center given to Ishem.

The purpose of this project is to explain the creation and initial activities of the Eco Camp “Atlantid Beach”. The long-term goal of the activities taking place in Atlantid, is to develop a sustainable model of tourism in Ishëm. Involving locals in projects, this model aspires to increase employment in the area. If natural resources are to be managed efficiently and they will continue to apply traditional methods to improve the financial situation, this area will be a sustainable development plan.

Implementers: Tirana Ekspres in partnership with Ishëm commune

Target group: Domestic and foreign tourists

Tirana Ekspres built an ecological beach “Eco-Camp Atlantid Beach”. The purpose of Eco Camp was to create tourist services on Atlantid beach, located on the shores of Ishëm commune. The architecture of the eco camp was modest and functional.

Services offered  included: bar, restaurant, tent accommodation and camping site for caravans / vehicles. The tents accommodated up to 60 people. The restaurant provided food for at least 45 people and the food was always prepared fresh, from local products. This enabled  the mobilization of local producers. The menu included simple recipes and traditional food from the area. There was also  vegetarian food, in order to suit every request of tourists.

Furthermore, Eco-Camp offerd some additional activities:

  • Concerts
  • Yoga classes
  • Walks along the coast and Skanderbeg Castle
  • Diving to see the ruins of the old Illyrian civilization.
  • Fishing etc.

Eco-Camp development was trying to replicate 2013 model. Through the integration of residents in this project we tried to create an economic impact, increasing employment and supply for more local products. This program improved locals’ perception of potential and self-employment. The introduction of new jobs pushed the development of a sustainable economy especially for youth employment which represents a major struggle.The experience of 2013 helped us understand the characteristics of the market, the will of the people and a better foundation.



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